Around the Local


WMUR - WMUR negotiations continue on both fronts; Photographers and MC/Truck Ops. We had an interesting proposal from the Company to try and resolve the pension issue with the Photogs but the money they offered was only a fraction of what would be realized in a pension even if one was in it for a mere 20 years. We gave them a counter and they are checking it out with Corporate. We are scheduled to go back to the table with  MC/Truck OPS this week and hope the Company can make an offer that resolves there sessions but we are not optimistic. The Company has  some serious pressure coming up in the form of 4 debates the last week of October. So far the politicians we have reached out to have been very supportive of our causes. Please remember to follow the action and if you have a twitter account by following @WMURphotog9

CPTV - We have made a counter offer to the Company and are waiting for them to respond and set some more dates to bargain. Here, as in the WMUR negotiations, we have given them a more realistic economic proposal than what they expect to get away with.

FREELANCE - We have been trying to move to the next and hopefully last step in getting a Contract with PPI. There have been quite a few behind the scene conversations to move the Company off their lower wage proposals. We presented PPI with yet another economic proposal and hope to have some news this week.

Other News

WJAR - We are scheduled for "effects" bargaining on October 21st with Media General over the sale of the station to Sinclair Broadcasting on. These sessions will determine whether or not Sinclair is obligated to accept the current 3 year Labor Agreements as a condition of the sale or if Media General will have to payout severance packages.