Around the Local


WMUR - Negotiations have concluded for both bargaining units. The Photographers ratified an very good 3 year successor Agreement. While they did not achieve their goal of getting into the station pension their contract campaign ended up providing retirement benefits that included a very sizeable infusion into their 401k immediately with an additional 2% contribution from the Employer each year into that plan. In addition, each member was offered a signing bonus equal to the 401k infusion with the option of putting all  or some of it into their 401k plan. Finally, aside from some improved language in the areas of holiday coverage, part time benefits, job assignments and distribution of company vehicles, the across the board increases are 2.5%,2.5%, 2.5%.

The Master Control and Truck Ops will vote on their contract offer Wednesday November 5th but they have reached a tentative agreement as well with many sought after improvements and the same across the board increases as the photographers.

CPTV - We have made a counter offer to the Company and are waiting for them to respond and looks like they won't come back to the table until December.

FREELANCE - We have been trying to move to the next and hopefully last step in getting a Contract with PPI. There have been quite a few behind the scene conversations to move the Company off their lower wage proposals. We presented PPI with yet another economic proposal and hope to have some news this week.

Other News

WJAR - We held "effects" bargaining with Media General on October 21st over the sale of the station to Sinclair Broadcasting. During those sessions we found out that Sinclair is going to accept the terms and conditions of the current  Agreements we have at the Station. In addition they will honor all Personal Service Agreements of bargaining unit members. We are not sure when the FCC approval will take place but once it does, transfer to Sinclair will take place within days after.