Local 1228 Charity Begins With You

                                  We have developed two very significant ways to give back to the communities where our members live.

The first is “Local 1228 Community Program”.
This is the most direct way for you to be involved in getting donations to a program or organization that is in your community that you either participate in or support.
All you have to do is write to the Executive Board describing the organization and your reason for the ask and we will send a donationciting you as a member ofIBEW Local 1228 and the sponsor of the contribution.

The second program is one that we are very near a d dear to many members of our Local.  Too many of our family members and friends have suffered through the cruel horror of a cancer battle. This disease has taken away careers, caused bankruptcies and torn families apart. But most of all, it’s taken away loved ones, young and old, rich or poor without any warning.

Please find it in your heart to join this battle; to find a cure; to spread the message and show the world that our Local Union cares. If you’ve lost someone or know someone going through this or even someone who has conquered it, you can make a donation in their name. Here is the link:




WUNI Entrivision Boston

We concluded bargaining for another 1 year Contract wit the station and are expecting the raises to take place in January as usual. Despite the discussion of 3 years ago about hubbing, we were informed tha there are no longer any plans to do so at the Needham facility.

WVIT NBC Connecticut Hartford

We began bargaining with  NBC for a successor Agreement on Friday September 21st. The Union presented opening proposals as did the Company. This time the proposals are far fewer than last contract negotiations from both sides which is encouraging that discussion can be wrapped up in a few more meetings. We will see how things develop and keep all updated.

Vermont PBS

At the most recent Board of Directors meeting on September 17, we found out that the station is intent on moving from their current facility to a smaller footprint in an office building envirionment. A few weeks earlier the Union met with represntatives of the Board and their lawyer to desribe the extreem lack of research and guidance that the station manager has done to date to make such a move. WE can  only hope that there are more leve, experienced hads prevailing in the move and that the organization will be focused on production of local content. So far the Board meetings have been focused on facilty more and the use of their new found revenus from the FCC auction to do this. As of this writing the two new productions Bardo (music series) and Mr Chris (original children's program) have no porduction schedules through the end of  the year. 

WSBE Rhode Island PBS  

Rhode Island PBS GUILTY of Labor Law Violations says Federal Administrative Law Judge

                    On Wednesday September 19, Business Manager Fletcher Fischer and SHop Steward Andy Gannon address the delegates and guests at the Rhode Island Cope Convention to share the agenda of the RI PBS Managers and Board of Directors to bust the union at the station that has been in place for over 40 years. The attendees were shocked to hear the story about a station they have supported and contributed in the past. Multiple people came up to express their outrage with the Station managers and Board and vowed to reach out to their memberhip and the station to let them know this is wrong and needs to stop. 
We also had some productive sidebar conversations with state political figures, including the Governor and Senator Whitehouse who stated they will be addressing the issue. Stay tuned, we're just warming up.

WBZ - CBS Boston

Layoffs of 7 members still have not taken place as a result of all CBS Owned and Operated Master Controls being hubbed by a third party in Atlanta. Six of the 7 are still on the schedule for Ocotber and 1 has left for a new job at WCVB. Our understanding from other IBEW Locals is that most of CBS O&O stations are still in a holding pattern and have not launched the hub and spoke program for master controls.

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