WMUR - We continue to bargain for both the Photogs Contract and the Master Control/ Truck Operator's Contract. We have established a twitter account to help spread the word about their fight to get included in the Company's Pension Plan. We would like everyone who has a twitter account to follow. It is  @wmurphotog9  pass it along to whomever you can

WHDH - We held our second meeting with the Company on July 16th and the Company presented a wage proposal that would be a complete Agreement with no other changes. The Committee said it would present the offer to the membership without a recommendation to accept on August 16 at a ratification meeting. I the membership rejects the offer both parties will submit proposals for full blown proposals.

WUNI - We sat down to bargain on Monday July 14 and at that time the Company informed us that they intend to hub WUNI to a facility in either Washington DC or Orlando FL. From that point on we attempted to negotiate terms and conditions for a successor agreement length, pay raises and enhanced severance and COBRA payments for Employees who stay on at WUNI until the last day. The shop members will be voting on the Company proposal on Wednesday July 23.

CPTV - We have a new proposal from the Company after being away from the table for almost 2 years. Its something to consider on face value but we now have to go through it with a fine tooth comb to find the land mines. We hope to be back at the table with questions and possible counters in mid August.

Program Productions Inc.- We had a Committee caucus to review the Company's latest economic and language proposals. We hope to have a response to the Company in the next few day and see if we can get to the final stages of bargaining.