WMUR - A full on Contract Campaign was launched this week at WMUR to get negotiations moving in the right direction. The Photogs established an informational picket outside the Station where the Republican Primary Debates are being held. Shop Steward Dan Ryan addressed the NH AFL-CIO Labor Day breakfast attendees with their message to HEARST.

WHDH -The shop ratified a new 3 year Agreement with WHDH that offers 2% increases each year and no modifications of the Contract. Now all three Boston Stations are hopefully on the same path to labor peace for the next 3 years.

WUNI - We concluded negotiations for another 1 year Agreement with WUNI. The main topic of conversation was the Company's plan to hub Master Control within the next year or so. We were able to gain enhanced severance and COBRA payments for folks who stay with the station until the day of the hubbing. In the meantime, we have had positive interest from other area stations about these Master Control workers coming to work for them.

CPTV - We have had a few session with the Company and have gotten them to modify their positions on a few key areas like a no layoff clause for the duration of the Agreement. They are clearly trying to buy jurisdiction but so far the price is incredibly low. We are scheduled to be back at the table on Friday Sept 6th.

FREELANCE - We had a productive and informative meeting of the New England Freelance Craft Committee, Topics discussed were ongoing negotiations with PPI, the latest ESPN traveling staff controversy and the awarding of soccer to FOX Sports 1. As far as PPI Negotiations go, we are much closer to a deal with them on all areas of the Contract and we are just working out the final wage issues. We are hoping to have a Contract in place for October 1.

Other News

WJAR - The station is in the process of being sold to Sinclair Broadcasting. We have been told by the current Station Manager that there will be no layoffs and that they respect seniority. Unfortunately he did not attribute those statements to Sinclair management.  Fletcher is going to be meeting on Monday September 8 in Las Vegas with other IBEW Locals who have Contracts with Sinclair and will get their perspective on how the Company treats Labor Relations.