As this year begins and we have endured the "election",  the members of Local 1228 continue doing what they do best; covering local news throughout New England to the benefit of the people who live here. No matter who is in what office, our members have been doing so since 1941 with professional expertise and pride in their craft. The pictures above show how they've done that over the years. No mater how the technology changes its always been our job to report the stories New Englanders need to get through their daily lives.

So to all of our members, please stay safe, enjoy whatever family time you are afforded and strap in, it could be a bumpy ride in 2017.


As  2017 begins we are at multiple bargaining tables. We are currently bargaining the following contracts:

WMUR - First Contract for Production  Technicians and Directors, station owned by Hearst in Manchester New Hampshire

Green Line Group - First Contract for broadcast sports technicians throughout New England

WJAR - Successor Agreement for two Bargaining Units (Technicians and News persons). This our first negotiations with new owners Sinclair.

WBZ - Succesor Agreement with CBS Owned and Operated station

WMUR - Successor Agreement for Photographers station owned by Hearst in Manchester New Hampshire

PPI - Successor Agreement for broadcast sports technicians in MA & RI

Upcoming this year we will be at the following bargaining table:

February  - MJN Productions broadcast sports technicians throughout New England

March - WMUR Master Control and Live Truck Operators

May - WCVB Boston

          WHDH, Boston

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