We are fighting very hard at the WBZ/CBS bargaining table to get fair ages for workers who have been dedicated to the station for many many years. The station is paying newly hired employees market rates but refuses to do so to people who have been at the station for 5-15 years. Those individuals are being paid 30% below their counterparts and both Union and non-union stations in Boston.

The WBZ managers at the bargaining table have offered nothing but insults for these workers and don't feel the slightest compulsion to pay them what they deserve. we have take our fight to social media as well as the IBEW Local 103 bulletin board  on the expressway for commuters to see every rush hour. Stay tuned, the fight is about to get more intensee!

Grievances Filed Against PPI

Currently there are two grievances filed against PPI for violating the Contract during this Red Sox season. The first was for not properly crewing enough audio techs to handle ne assignments as dictated by the contract. But the second and most serious is a grievance filed against PPI for not hiring crew members according to the criteria of the Contract. Instead they have instituted a bogus standard of false diversity which has been making workers lose multiple days of work and causing great economic hardships on the families of technicians who have served the Red Sox and NESN for 2 decades.

Stay tuned for developments.

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