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As the recession deepens, unions will have to battle concession demands and budget cuts. But beyond these defensive fights there’s a demand whose time has come: let’s soak the rich.
Put another way: tax the hell out of them. Claw back the profits they’ve made off the backs of workers. Take that money, and put it to work expanding public services and giving people jobs.

No Excuses: Historic New Zealand Election Challenges Labor Movement

October 28, 2020 / Ian Hoffman and Justine Sachs“No Excuses!”
That’s the phrase union activists in New Zealand have been repeating since the Labour Party’s landslide victory in our national election on October 17.
Led by charismatic and media-savvy Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Labour took over 49 percent of the popular vote. The party will now have 64 of 120 seats in parliament. This is unheard of in New Zealand, where since 1996 we have had a mixed-member proportional (MMP) voting system that has always led to multi-party coalition governments.

Let’s take look back at some of the good news of the past few weeks celebrating our IBEW brothers and sisters going above and beyond for their communities during these difficult times.

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The Movement for Black Lives And Labor’s Revival

October 27, 2020 / Tim Schermerhorn and Lee SustarThe police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis ignited the most widespread series of protests in U.S. history. Working people—not only Black, but people of all races—were the driving force. Even labor leaders who are usually reluctant to weigh in on hot social issues spoke out.
The challenge now is to bring the militancy and energy of this year’s revived Black struggle into the workplace—amid the coronavirus-driven economic crisis.

Bernie Sanders: Build a Compassionate Nation

October 26, 2020 / Bernie SandersOver the past 40 years, corporate America and the billionaire class have been waging a war against the trade union movement in America, causing devastating harm to the middle class and working class.
When oligarchs like Donald Trump tell us that the economy is “booming,” they are right—the economy is booming for the extremely rich and extremely profitable corporations in America—who, by the way, pay nothing or next to nothing in federal income taxes.

In order to safely secure cables in place, you need the right staples. Klein Tools heavy-duty staples are designed for safe and secure installation of Romex® cable gauges 14/3, 14/3G, 12/3. The eleven thirty seconds by nineteen thirty seconds of an inch insulated staples staples are the widest and most versatile insulated staples in our lineup.
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The eleven thirty seconds by nineteen thirty seconds of an inch insulated staples from Klein Tools are available in packs of 300.
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We Finally Won Just Cause Protection at The New Yorker after AOC and Warren Refused to Cross Our Picket Line

October 23, 2020 / Hannah Aizenman, Stefanie Frey, and Mai SchotzAfter 95 years, at-will employment is over at The New Yorker. Our union finally won just cause in our first contract. Securing this protection took strong organizing and strategic mobilization—on top of nearly two years of negotiations.
What changed the tide was a digital picket of the New Yorker Festival, a weeklong annual event where celebrities, politicians, and various experts discuss timely topics. The opening night was to feature Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Elizabeth Warren talking about “the future of progressivism.”

Steward's Corner: A Path Out of Fear

October 22, 2020 / Ellen David FriedmanWhat’s the greatest gift the labor movement offers? It’s not the ability to bargain a contract, protect yourself on the job, or win higher wages, though those are important.
The greatest gift is a path out of fear. Once we can see that path under our feet, the real fightback can begin. But the question is, how do we find it—especially at this dire moment?

During his 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump dissed a Gold Star family that had lost a son in Iraq. He called Senator John McCain, America’s most famous prisoner of war, a “loser” for being captured in Vietnam. When asked about widespread sexual assault in today’s military, he dismissed it as a problem. He had to be publicly shamed into making a promised donation to veterans’ charities.


When you’re sitting in your car waiting for a train to safely pass by before continuing on your commute, you might not think much about how the signals work to safely pass a train, but there’s a lot of coordination that occurs behind the scenes.

The Traffic Signal Division of IBEW Local 111 in Denver, Colorado is hard at work testing traffic signals for an intersecting Union Pacific Railroad track. Traffic Signal Technicians are working with the city and BNSF Railway to test new railroad signals that have been installed as part of the Central 70 Project, a reconstruction of a 10-mile stretch of road on I-70, one of the major highways in the mile-high city.

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