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Not long before Donald Trump’s election in 2016, the Pacific Legal Foundation filed suit against California’s farmworker access rule in federal court on behalf of two companies—Cedar Point Nursery in Siskiyou County and the Fowler Packing Company in Fresno. The foundation is a conservative libertarian group that holds property rights sacred and campaigns against racial equity.Will the Supreme Court Overrule Farmworker Union Rights?

December 02, 2020 / David Bacon

The final phase of bargaining can be intense. A strike authorization vote has been taken, or maybe a strike has begun. Members are fully mobilized and your corporate campaign is in high gear. Suddenly the employer is throwing new proposals onto the table.
These are the moments when union bargainers can make major mistakes—mistakes that will follow the members for years and even generations.
How can you avoid such mistakes? A controlling factor will be the preparation your union did for contract drafting, prior to the first bargaining meeting.When You're Winning in the Streets, Don't Lose at the Bargaining Table

December 02, 2020 / Richard de Vries

Blog: BlogThis Giving Tuesday, please consider supporting Labor Notes at our Facebook fundraiser or through the Donate page on this website. -Editors.
Since its founding 501 issues ago, Labor Notes has helped to educate generations of unionists in labor’s best traditions. It has worked to build a culture of resistance to the decades-long employer offensive, on the shop floor and in the union hall.

Author(s): Saurav SarkarThe COVID-19 pandemic and its economic fallout have hammered the Latino community.
Latinos make up 40 percent of COVID-19 deaths after adjusting for age, according to the Centers for Disease Control, but only 19 percent of the population. This is the biggest disparity of any major ethnic or racial group.
Why the disproportionate impact? The reason is work.Work Is the Reason Latinos Are Getting Slammed So Hard by the Pandemic

November 30, 2020 / Saurav Sarkar

Now, more than ever, Klein Tools are essential to a successful project. With Klein Tool customers being essential workers, having high quality tools is so important. The success IBEW provides is paired with the quality of a Klein Tools product. The quality of the product brings the customer back to Klein Tools every time.

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Blog: BlogWhen our union announced a mass Zoom meeting, we knew members wouldn’t get the chance to participate in any meaningful sense.
There was a moderated question-and-answer session planned, but we did not know if there would be an open chat—and we certainly assumed there would be no discussion of a desperately needed strike authorization campaign.
So our merry band of rank-and-file activists decided to set up an alternative way for members to view and debate the meeting, using the live-streaming service Twitch.

Unifor President Jerry Dias called it “a home run.” The media headlines are all about “reopening the Oshawa plant.” If only it were true.
Unifor, the union that represents workers at the Detroit Three auto companies in Canada, announced a tentative agreement with General Motors Canada on November 5 that included a $1.3 billion investment to “restart” the Oshawa Assembly Plant.
GM had ended vehicle assembly there last year, eliminating the jobs of 5,000 assembly and supplier workers. The prospect of jobs returning is very welcome.General Motors Returns to Oshawa—But Offers Only Second-Tier Jobs in a ‘Pop-Up’ Plant

November 25, 2020 / Tony Leah and Rebecca Keetch

2020 has been a dark time for all of us, but you aren’t alone. The IBEW wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving, and is thankful for each of the members that make up our team!
Our members have been working tirelessly to provide light during a dark time, and going above and beyond to provide a helping hand to the community.
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Ten thousand union members who work for King County, where Seattle is located, have won a $9 million fund to cover emergency childcare expenses this school year. Now the union coalition is pushing to make the benefit permanent.
Childcare affordability was already a crisis for working parents—even before the pandemic. A typical single parent in Washington state spends more than half her income on childcare. The cost of childcare is often greater than college tuition.COVID Tipped the Scale: How King County Employees Made Childcare a Union Benefit

November 24, 2020 / Michael Laslett

Blog: BlogAt a time when activists and commentators are puzzling over the United States’ enduring conservatism, Michael Goldfield’s new book The Southern Key: Class, Race, and Radicalism in the 1930s and 1940s (Oxford University Press, 2020) provides some perspective.