WUNI Entrivision Boston

We concluded bargaining for another 1 year Contract wit the station and are expecting the raises to take place in January as usual. Despite the discussion of 3 years ago about hubbing, we were informed tha there are no longer any plans to do so at the Needham facility.

WVIT NBC Connecticut Hartford

We The members of the NBC CT shop ratified the latesst offer fron NBC for a 3 year Agreement. There were good wage and benefit improvements and the Union Comittee did a great job defining issues and winning solutions for the shop.

Vermont PBS

We are currently in bargaining with Management of VT PBS and there are quite a few contentioous issues coming into play. Management wants the unfettered right to sub contract any or all bargaining unit work. They also refuse to agree to a successors clause that would obligate any buyer of the station to accept the Union contrac as part of the sale. When we offered it to terminate with a two year aAgreement they still refused leaving us to assume they have intentions to sell in the next two years. All this under the current plan of Management and Board of Directors to hub Master Control out of WGBH in Boston. Oh yeah, and there's money issues. Lots of money issues. Stay tuned 

WSBE Rhode Island PBS  

Rhode Island PBS GUILTY of Labor Law Violations says Federal Administrative Law Judge

                    On Wednesday September 19, Business Manager Fletcher Fischer and SHop Steward Andy Gannon address the delegates and guests at the Rhode Island Cope Convention to share the agenda of the RI PBS Managers and Board of Directors to bust the union at the station that has been in place for over 40 years. The attendees were shocked to hear the story about a station they have supported and contributed in the past. Multiple people came up to express their outrage with the Station managers and Board and vowed to reach out to their memberhip and the station to let them know this is wrong and needs to stop. 
We also had some productive sidebar conversations with state political figures, including the Governor and Senator Whitehouse who stated they will be addressing the issue. Stay tuned, we're just warming up.

WBZ - CBS Boston

Layoffs of 7 members still have not taken place as a result of all CBS Owned and Operated Master Controls being hubbed by a third party in Atlanta. Six of the 7 are still on the schedule for Ocotber and 1 has left for a new job at WCVB. Our understanding from other IBEW Locals is that most of CBS O&O stations are still in a holding pattern and have not launched the hub and spoke program for master controls.

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