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The Trial concluded on April 24 and we went to the RIPBS Board Meeting on May 2 to enlighten the Board Members about the unfair labor practices and anti worker atmosphere promoted by Local managers. In the weeks that followed it looked like we were going to reach a steelment with the Staiton but at the last minute, the Board Sub committee put an end to those negotiations. So we are back to a decision by the Administrative Law Judge. Briefs are due June 15 by both parties but we don't ewxpect to hear a decision byt the Judge until late summer at the earliest. In the meantime, we will be rolling out a public campaign against the Station Management and the  Foundation Board for not resloving the agregious situation. We will upddate you when things progress.

WBZ - CBS Boston

Layoffs of 7 members are slated to take place sometime in July as a result of all CBS Owned and Operated Master Controls being hubbed by a third party in Atlanta. A few of these workers may end up with opportunites at WCVB doing Master Control work. The WBZ Bargaining Unit has taken a big hit over the last decade due to CBS downsizing. We lost CBS radio this year as well. 

Congratulations to all of our members who won 2018 New England Emmy’s


Dorothy Dickie – Producer

Vince Franke - Producer


Ted Cooper – Videographer

Tim Geers – Videographer

Chris Garvin – Videographer

Lee Harrington – Videographer

G.J. Smith – Videographer

Bobby Souza – Videographer

Steve Colvin – Videographer

Bob Oliver – Videographer

Gino Mauro – Videographer/Editor

David Mongeau – Videographer

Carl Vieira - Videographer

Ellen Boyce - Editor

Brian Menz - Editor

Barry Mullin -  Editor

Debborah Therrien  - Editor

Don Potito – Technical Director

David Gardiner – Audio

John Bonner – Lighting Director


Bryan Monaghan – Producer

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