Management at RI PBS has been trying to avoid a Contract with Local 1228 since 2013 and now the federal government says ENOUGH!. So now the US Government is our lawyer and they are going after them with a trial scheduled for April 24. As background, when the state of Rhode Island decided it no longer wanted to own the PBS Station back in 2012, the Station Manager, David Piccerelli told us he wanted a "seamless" transition for the bargaining unit members to the new ownership of the RI PBS Trustees. He said that for about 4 months then refused to recognize us as the Employee's legal representative. So we file an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charge against him and the the NLRB told him he had no choice in the matter so eventually he agreed to sit down and bargain a contract. We worked on that Contract for over 2 years and at every turn Piccerelli used delay tactics almost always blaming it on his lawyer's availability. The shop members finally ratified an Agreement in July of 2015 but he kept delaying the processing of the Contract and never signed it.

When they received a $90 million payday from selling their frequency to the FCC in 2017, we asked about bargaining a new Contract with wage increases both retro and going forward (the workers had not had a pay raise since 2010). Piccerelli took our proposal and said he would consult with his lawyer. Once again delaying so we file another ULP charge against him. This time he and his lawyer took the bizarre position that we did not represent the Employees.Once again the Board called bullshit but the Company refused to recognize us and asked for a trial.

In addition to that trail, we are reaching out to allies in the RI community through the AFL-CIO, politicians and even the viewers of RI PBS to tell them about this sleazy management approach to their workers and the games that Piccerelli plays with his managers and lawyers.

Stay tuned to this one, its going to be quite a story.