New Staff Assignments

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Assistant Business Manger/Organizer John Murphy is moving to an new intensive organizing project that we hope will bring Union representation to workers in New England who sorely need it. We will update you when things begin to take shape. He will continue to maintaining his role as our Political Director throughout New England.
If you have any tips or questions about organizing or questions about our activities on the political front, please reach out to John at or (860) 995-3389.

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Steve Katsos has been named Broadcast Sports Representative for Local 1228.  He will be handling all issues related to the broadcast sports collective bargaining Agreements for Local 1228.  He will be working with our Stewards and members to enforce those Agreements as well as crewing utility workers for the CBS and Fox Sports national Agreements.

If you have any questions regarding our Broadcast Sports Agreements or have a problem on the job, please reach out to Steve at or (508) 472-5018.