Despite the efforts of many viewers and personal lobbying efforts by Fletcher Fischer and John Murphy at the VT State Legislature, the station got the bad news that the State is not going to get the funding it has relied on. The final appropriation came in at $271,000 – down from the approximately $850,000 yearly appropriation and there are still questions about what will happen to funding in the second year of the State's biennial budget. On the bright side, through this process we have made great alliances with state worker and labor advocacy groups that plan on taking on the Governor and the Legislators that  dealt such a nasty blow to many Vermont workers. We will be working closely with these groups to restore the Vermont PBS funding.

Its great to be able to have a good working relationship with the new Station Manager Holly Groschner. Such a change from the dictatorial reign of John King. We are looking forward working with Holly to devising some solutions to grow local programming and helping the station grow as it should.