FAQ Sports Broadcast Technicians



Will IBEW Local 1228 organize against non-union crewers that provide work in New England?

As with any broadcast market, the strongest contracts and the best rates happen when the entire market is organized. We will organize any crewer where a strong majority of workers who work for a particular crewer wish to do so.  The New England Freelance community deserves the best wage rates, health care, retirement and working conditions at every broadcast they work and Local 1228 is dedicated to making that happen with you.

How does IBEW Local 1228 protect Sport TV Freelancers of New England?

With the support of the International Office of the IBEW, our Local Union Officers and Staff, lawyers and new Sports TV Freelance Shop Stewards we bargain Contracts that you the members put together and we will police it on every job site. Our goal is to provide a strong wage and benefit packages but also fair working conditions that are particular to this industry such as cancelation fees, parking, overnight accommodations, proper meals and meal breaks, turnaround time, etc.

We negotiate Contracts that stop uneven daily rates per craft and favoritism in assignment as well as providing safe workplace practices and procedures.

What benefits would IBEW Local 1228 try to secure for me?

The benefits that we seek to secure for all broadcast technicians and utilities, determined by the Bargaining Committees who put together proposed Contracts for each crewer we organize.  With input from the shop members, they determine what wages, health care, retirement and working conditions to fight for. 

Ultimately, the Bargaining Committees present contract proposals to be approved or rejected by the members of that Bargaining Unit; the members have the final vote on accepting or rejecting contract offers from their employers.

If IBEW Local 1228 secures a Contract with a crewer, how long will it last?

Contracts generally run from two to four years, but it has to be mutually agreed upon by both sides.

Who pays for legal representation for IBEW Local 1228 during Contract negotiations?

Members pay dues so Local 1228 can pay for legal representation for our Boston based labor law attorneys; we also have access to IBEW national staff attorneys if needed.  Both sets of attorneys have been involved in our organizing work so far.

What is the initiation fee for IBEW Local 1228?

If you are a Freelance member working under the CBS or FOX national Agreement our initiation fee is $150. However, if you are working under a Contract we have negotiated locally with an Employer and you are a Bargaining Unit member we charge 20% of the top weekly rate for the classification you are in but never more than $200. In most cases The IBEW waives the initiation fee for those original Bargaining Unit members who archived a first Contract with their Employer.

What are the dues for IBEW Local 1228?

Basic Dues are $24.50 per month and Working Dues (when you work under a 1228 contract) are 1.55% of straight time hours; there are no dues collected for overtime and no dues will be collected for newly organized shops until there is a Contract that the members have approved.

If I am a member of IBEW Local 1212, do I have to join IBEW Local 1228 to work locally?

If the majority of your work is done under a Local 1212 Contract you should remain a member of 1212. However, if the majority of your work is performed under a 1228 you can ask for a Travel Card to move your membership to Local 1228. But in either case any work done under a Local 1228 or a 1212 contract would result in working dues being paid to that respective Local. 

Who makes sure that members pay their dues at IBEW Local 1228?

The local union will try to negotiate dues check-off with the crewer, meaning the crewer would automatically deduct your Working Dues from your hours worked.  However, this must be mutually agreed upon in the union Contract; it is not a given. 

Ultimately, it is the member’s responsibility to pay their dues. Local 1228 will monitor your dues account and send a statement of what your account looks like. 

If I am a member of another union, can I still join IBEW Local 1228?

Yes.  Some of our IBEW members are members of 3 other unions.  There is nothing stopping you from being a member of more than one union.