The Executive Board and I have been working on an update to Local 1228’s Bylaws which have not been updated since 2009. Mostly there are amendments proposed to clean up old, outdated language and to add policies that have been in practice. There are no proposals to change admission fees, dues or salaries in these amendments.

In accordance with the IBEW Constitution and policies (see language below), these amendments will be presented and read at the next Local Union Meeting on Thursday June 14, 8:00pm at the Local 1228 Union offices (77 Access Rd, Norwood , MA).

At the July Union Meeting (date to be determined) there will be a vote on the acceptance of these amendments. If approved they will be submitted to the International President for his review and considered approval.

We encourage all members in good standing to attend these meetings.


Fletcher Fischer

Business Manager/Financial Secretary

IBEW Local 1228


Amendments to Bylaws:

Sec. 1.   These bylaws shall become effective upon approval by the International President.

 Sec. 2.   (a) These bylaws may be amended or changed by any such proposal being submitted in writing and read at two (2) regular meetings of the Local Union, and decided at the second meeting by a majority vote of the members present and voting.

               (b) However, assessments, admission fees or dues shall be changed only by a majority vote by secret ballot of the members in good standing voting at a regular or special membership meeting.

               Changes shall be introduced at one Local Union meeting and acted upon at a second Local Union meeting. The proposal cannot be acted on at the time it was proposed. A written notice specifically stating the proposed assessments or changes in admission fees or dues shall be mailed to each member in good standing at the member's last‑known home address at least twenty (20) days prior to the Local Union meeting at which the membership is to vote on the question.

 Sec. 3.   No assessments, amendments or changes shall become effective until approved by the International President, in accordance with the IBEW Constitution.

 Sec. 4.   All amendments or changes shall be printed and distributed to the members within thirty (30) days following their adoption and approval.