As of today, July 2, 2017 here is where we are at multiple bargaining tables. We are currently bargaining the following contracts:

WBZ - Successor Agreement with CBS Owned and Operated station. The Company continues to refuse to address large pay gaps for Senior workers who earn 30%less than their counterparts in Boston stations. Last week CBS made what they are calling their "Final Offer" which barely moved off of their previous offer, still does not address pay inequities and now has languauge that allows the Station to move jobs out of the station to a "hub" outside of New England. We will be holding a shop meeting to review and vote on this proposal in the near future.

WHDH - We've met twice at the Bargaining table to date and the Company is holding tight to low wage increases and refusing to add more staff positions. They are saying that the recent loss of the NBC affiliation has put the Company in a new economic platform and although the ratings are doing very well they don't want to risk big increases in their budget. The shop is demanding higher pay  increases for the drastically increased and stressful news programming added since January. At this point WHDH is broadcasting 12 hours of news every week day and people are burning out. We will be back at the table in August.

WCVB - Issues on the table are clearly wages. Over the last 6 years the bargaining unit has only averaged a 1.6% pay increasee each year.  The Company is only offering 2% so far and that's not sitting well in the shpo. We are back at the table August 9 & 10.

WMUR - Successor Agreement for Photographers station owned by Hearst in Manchester New Hampshire. We were back at the table in June but did not finalize many issues. We probably won't be back at the table until September due to vacation schedules.

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