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Last Friday, when New York City educators were supposed to be in their third day of “professional development” held inside school buildings, teachers and other staffers at a Queens middle school, IS 230, took their work outside.
Sitting in chairs and on the concrete with their laptops, they refused to enter the school building after they learned that one of their co-workers had tested positive for COVID-19. Union officials were notified Thursday and immediately informed members. The city didn’t notify them till Friday.

My school district put me on administrative leave for organizing workers at my school. Then students and community members led a huge campaign that forced my reinstatement in just three days.
I’m the union steward at Luther Burbank High School on the Southside of San Antonio, where I teach U.S. history. After tense faculty meetings and intense questioning from district personnel, the school district placed me on leave on August 31.

Jenny Chan, Mark Selden, and Pun Ngai did extensive field research for almost 10 years to produce Dying for an iPhone. The result is a riveting account of the lives of workers on the production line, but the authors go further to reveal the human, social, and environmental impacts of the iPhone's manufacture.

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act of 2020 (FFCRA), passed by Congress in March, mandates up to 12 weeks of paid, job-protected time off for workers who must stay home to care for a child because the child’s school or daycare is closed due to coronavirus precautions. (The FFCRA applies only to employers with fewer than 500 employees.)

Canadian Auto Workers Fight for Contract Transparency

September 10, 2020 / Rebecca KeetchAs bargaining at the Detroit 3 automakers kicks off in Canada, union members are fighting back against a longstanding undemocratic contract ratification process. In an unprecedented development, the Solidarity Movement, a rank-and-file movement within Unifor, has launched a petition to demand full disclosure of the collective agreement before voting takes place. Since the launch in early August around 1,600 members have signed.

Trump Labor Board Upends Special Status of Union Stewards

September 09, 2020 / Robert M. SchwartzAnd you thought it couldn’t get any worse!

While many of us are counting our blessings, our hearts go out to those who want to work, but don’t have the opportunity. The best kind of Labor Day is the one where everyone has a chance to share in the American Dream. Hopefully, that day is coming very, very soon. Happy Labor Day, brothers and sisters of the IBEW. Be safe, and remember, every hour counts.
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The subway is something I’ve always loved about New York City life. But my family can’t ride it together, because my daughter has cerebral palsy and 3 out of 4 stations have no elevator.
One in seven U.S. adults has serious difficulty walking or climbing stairs or can’t do so at all. People with disabilities generally, including vision and hearing impairments and intellectual disabilities, make up 1 in 4 adults: that’s a huge minority.

Educators in Andover, Massachusetts, set up lawn chairs, folding tables, and laptops in the shade of trees and next to school tennis courts and got to work on their first day of professional development August 31.
The superintendent and school committee had announced a virtual professional development day—but insisted that educators be in the school building for the sessions. Yes, that meant that educators were to enter buildings with other adults in order to sit in empty classrooms to participate in virtual training.