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Five years after the Mexican government passed a controversial
>“education reform” law with no public discussion, teachers in the southern state of Oaxaca are still resisting its implementation.

A swearing-in ceremony…music to the ears of IBEW leadership far and wide.
But in Bakersfield, CA, scenes like this have been happening with happy regularity. And the reason is, while different sectors of the energy industry live through changing – and challenging – times, the local has been up to the task.
When the price of oil dropped, a lot of non-union workers were laid off. At the same time, new demands for solar power were swinging the door wide open for the addition of new jobs in alternative energy.
Enter IBEW Local 428 who organized the non-union oil field workers and saving their jobs while also creating a new classification to capture work in solar and send even more new members to work in that field. Much of the local economy of Bakersfield has been built around energy…and it has been a wild ride.
As the price to fill up our gas tanks goes up and down, so does the need for people to work in the oil fields.
On the other side of the energy coin, you have companies capturing the power of the sun, and they are in need of a workforce to build the huge solar plants that maximize its energy.
All of this can have a whiplash effect...

After Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials terrorized undocumented workers by raiding 7-Elevens nationwide last month, and with 800,000 federal workers’ jobs on temporary shutdown over the status of the Dreamers, now’s a good time to take a look at how U.S. immigration policies affect the workplace.

Interview: Corruption and Collaboration in the UAW

February 12, 2018 / Bill Parker and Joe Richard<?
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?>What should we make of the widening federal corruption investigation that implicates officials from the Auto Workers (UAW) and Fiat-Chrysler (FCA)?

With less than two months to go, we’re happy to report that we’re on pace for the biggest Labor Notes Conference yet. We hope to see you in Chicago, April 6-8—and that you’ll be coming with a group!

Michael Wold is here to share a quick tip on how to use insulated side cutting pliers more efficiently.
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The IBEW Hour Power Job Tips channel is a forum for new tools, tricks, safety tips, and so much more. This channel is great for instructors to share in the classroom, for apprentices to use as study materials, and for experiences electricians and lineman to use on the job site.
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Steward's Corner: Challenge Unilateral Changes

February 07, 2018 / Robert M. Schwartz<?
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?>When management changes an established working condition or adopts a new policy that adversely affects employees, stewards should alert union leaders quickly. By submitting a demand to bargain or filing a grievance, the union may be able to stop, modify, or at least delay harmful developments. Pressure tactics such as petitions, rallies, and picket lines add leverage.

Steward’s Corner: Union Newsletters: Two-Way or No Way

February 02, 2018 / Ellen David Friedman<?
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?>For union members trying to breathe a little life into their local, a newsletter is often the “go-to” solution. But what should go in it?

The Electrical Training Alliance is dedicated to education and training, but how can we tell if that dedication to education and training is paying off? You need a learning management system, and that’s where the craft certification program comes into play. In order to help local JATC’s to evaluate an apprentice’s skill-set, the Electrical Training Alliance has developed the craft certification booth.
Watch this edition of IBEW Hour Power News Briefs to learn more about the craft certification booth.
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IBEW Hour Power News Brief: Craft Certification
Here at NTI the electrical training alliance is dedicated to education and training. But how do you know if that training is working? You need a learning management system, and that’s where the craft certification program comes into play.
Jim Boyd – Assistant Executive Director at ETA
“The Craft Certification is a way for an apprenticeship program to evaluate the graduating apprentices or journey-level workers when it’s necessary or organized workers to see what skills they actually have.”
In order to help local JATC’s to evaluate an...

Income inequality is higher today than any time since the Great Depression. One reason why is the widening gap between pay and productivity—a graph that resembles an alligator’s mouth.
Rising productivity is due to more than just robots. Work has intensified through lean production, where fewer workers are pushed to perform more work in shorter times. Workers are electronically monitored so that companies can squeeze maximum profit from every second.