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The 2017 NECA show in Seattle brought a lot of Show Stoppers this year.
Walk along with Matthew Walton to see a few of the unique products showcased in Seattle – ranging from smart home monitoring to tools you can use on the job!

Schneider Electric: Square D Quick Grip System
Slicknut: Threadless Pull Bushing
iToolco: Ground Rod Dawg
Schneider Electric: Wiser Energy

Want more 2017 NECA Show Stoppers? Check out the next edition of Electrical Contractor Magazine!

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Ants among Elephants is an absorbing and moving history of modern India from the perspective of a family of Christian “untouchables.”
Author Sujatha Gidla, now a New York City subway conductor and member of Transport Workers Local 100, traces three generations of her family to describe life at the bottom rungs of caste society, the changes that came about—or didn’t—following Indian independence from Great Britain, and the country’s development in the second half of the 20th century.

After Harvey, Irma, and Maria, many thousands of homes have been lost and lives wrecked. People in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico need decent paying jobs while they try to put their lives back together, and the one industry that will be booming is construction.
The question is whether these will be good jobs for local residents. They can be good jobs only if prevailing wage laws are upheld—and local hire agreements are put in place.

NAFTA Talks: What's the Deal?

October 31, 2017 / Arthur Stamoulis<?
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?>As renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) chugs along rapidly behind closed doors, President Donald Trump will soon be forced to decide whether to keep or abandon his campaign pledge to make the pact “much better” for working people.
NAFTA’s renegotiation should be an opportunity to end its quarter-century legacy of job loss and wage suppression. Longtime fair trade advocates warn, however, that without increased public pressure, Trump could end up making NAFTA even worse for working people.

Bracing for Right to Work, Public Sector Unions Up the Ante

October 27, 2017 / Samantha Winslow<?
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?>The whole public sector will likely become “right to work” next year, barring another miracle at the Supreme Court.
Once the conservative majority rules in Janus v. AFSCME, likely before June, life will change for unions in the 23 states that till now have rejected right-to-work laws. Public sector unions in those states will no longer be able to collect “agency fees” from workers whom they represent but who choose not to join their locals.

The most important actions by union members this fall are happening on, of all places, the football field.
If other unions are smart, they'll take advantage of this moment. They'll use the fact that every single member knows about NFL players' protests for racial justice, and start conversations in their own locals.
Some might be tempted to shy away from this discussion, worrying it’ll divide us even further along racial or political lines, or that they’ll lose their seat in the next election.

Robert Elliot is here to share a quick tip on how to create a nipple to finish a job!

Step 1: Create an extra large thread.
Step 2: Take the same size coupling and put it on more than halfway.
Step 3: Thread your pre-cut size with the factory end (cut flat with a band saw to keep it from jamming) into your coupling
Step 4: Tighten everything down.
Step 5: Thread the other end.

Quick and easy. We hope this job tip helps you in the field!
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Watts New: Milwaukee Tool One Key System
We all know Milwaukee Tool but we might not all be familiar with their “one key” technology.
The Milwaukee Tool One Key System is a digital platform for tools and equipment. First, you download the app to connect to your tools so that you can customize your drill to the settings that you prefer and need. It also keeps track of the location of your tools so that you never have to worry about losing the equipment that you have invested in. On the management side, you can assign certain tools to certain locations and use the app to manage where and how all of your tools are being used.
Connect. Track. Manage. That is the Milwaukee Tool One Key System.
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According to Kroger, sports partisanship on the job is OK but union partisanship is not.
The grocery chain has long allowed employees to wear team jerseys of their choice on designated “game days.” NASCAR and NFL teams are among the honorees.
But when Kroger workers in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio began wearing UFCW Local 400 jerseys to work on game day, as part of their campaign for a new contract, the company abruptly announced that only Kroger uniforms were allowed—nationwide.

Jane McAlevey’s No Shortcuts is an exciting book. It tells the stories of important struggles and it tackles the big questions facing the labor movement. McAlevey is a former staffer, organizer, and national leader of the Service Employees (SEIU) on the losing side of a power struggle, then an academic and now a consultant.