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Today the United Auto Workers announced that is has dropped its legal effort to save three General Motors plants from closure. It’s sad evidence that even a union contract doesn’t guarantee job security for auto workers.
After a large number of plant closings in the 1980s, the UAW bargained contract language that prohibited automakers from closing plants during the life of the agreement.
So the companies began to “idle” plants instead.

Striking Teachers and Support Staff Forced Chicago's Mayor to Find Money She Said Wasn't There

November 01, 2019 / Samantha Winslow<?
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?>Today Chicago teachers returned to school triumphant, after an 11-day walkout that became a showdown between their union and the proclaimed progressive new Mayor Lori Lightfoot.
If you’re looking for an example of the power of the strike, look no further. The strikers accomplished what months of bargaining could not.
The mayor and her appointed school board had made all but no movement in the 10 months of bargaining that led up to the strike. (Lightfoot has only been mayor for five months, but she kept the previous bargaining team from former Mayor Rahm Emanuel.)

The first cordless 3K puller was showcased at the 2019 NECA Tradeshow and Convention. iTOOLco highlighted their Cordless Cannon 3K, a portable 3,000-pound puller. It’s designed to handle every day-to-day wire pulls.
This puller has a built-in switch, which automatically turns it on or off. Tug on the rope to start the pull, and slack off the rope to shut it down. One unique feature is you don’t have to take this up on lifts or rooftops. The puller delivers dynamic performance in remote locations where power might not even be available. A rechargeable battery also allows for long lasting power.
This is a puller that offers speed and versatility to its user, which means time and money saved.
To to learn more about this puller, visit their website. For more NECA Showstoppers, click here.
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GM Workers Ratify Contract Though 'Mixed at Best'

October 25, 2019 / Chris Brooks, Jane Slaughter<?
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?>The Auto Workers' strike against General Motors came to a close this weekend after six weeks on the picket lines, with workers voting to ratify a contract that was clearly unloved but accepted with a yes vote of 57 percent.

The 2019 NECA Tradeshow and Convention was a great time for the new Prazi Beam Cutter to be on display. The 12 inch beam cutter fits on any worm drive saw like the way you would change a blade. One of the biggest benefits of this cutter is it increases cutting capacity from 2 ½ inches to 12 inches. It allows for cutting 12 inches on a 90 and eight inches on a 45. There is also an 18 inch beam cutter on a cordless saw. This saw is unique because it turns the opposite direction of a chain saw, which allows for a perfect cut every time. The Prazi Beam Cutter is a tool every contractor should have for a circular saw. It’s truly a tool for everybody.
To learn more about the tool, click here.
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In Massachusetts, strikes are unlawful for public sector workers. That didn’t stop the Dedham Educators Association from walking out this morning after an overwhelming 248- 2 (out of 280 members) strike vote last night.
The educators in this Boston suburb are crying foul about health insurance costs that eat into their salaries, and district demands for more time on the clock and in professional development without any increase in compensation. Teachers are also demanding contract language that allows for real enforcement of sexual harassment policies.

The Chicago Teachers Union and SEIU Local 73 are on strike for class size caps, fair wages, support for homeless students, affordable and sustainable housing, a nurse in every school and more counselors and librarians – and more!
We’ve learned that they have reached a tentative agreement that includes naptime for Pre-K students. Yes, we need to strike to get little ones naptime.
This webinar was held on Thursday October 24, 2019 at 9 PM EST. Discussion was facilitated by Labor Notes staff writer and organizer Barbara Madeloni.

How Seven Thousand Quebec Workers Went on Strike against Climate Change

October 25, 2019 / Alain Savard<?
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?>With a crowd of 500,000, Montreal’s march for the climate was the largest in the world during the September 20-27 week of climate action. Yet it was also noteworthy for another reason.
Despite provincial labor laws preventing unions from striking over political issues, 11 locals representing 7,500 workers formally voted to go on strike for a day.

Within the massive and stunningly persistent social insurgency in Hong Kong against authoritarian domination, thousands of unionized workers are risking white terror... the threat of constant surveillance, discipline and loss of livelihood. Teachers, social workers, civil servants, and - most visibly - airline staff have joined protests and publicly shown support for the goals of political liberties. The response of the Chinese government - carried out by local agents in government, business, and organized crime gangs - has been direct suppression.

Forty-nine thousand auto workers are on strike at General Motors in the largest private sector strike since the last time union and company clashed, in 2007. Now, there is a tentative agreement with the company.
In this webinar, rank-and-file autoworkers debated whether to support the agreement and go back to work, or vote it down and stay out on the picket lines in the hope of achieving something better.