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NYC Building Trades Make a Stand at Biggest Project since Rockefeller Center

December 15, 2017 / Dan DiMaggio<?
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?>New York City building trades unions are in a fight that hits at the very core of their jurisdiction: big commercial office buildings.
At $4 billion and 2.9 million square feet, 50 Hudson Yards will be the city’s most expensive and fourth-largest office building. And it’s just one of 16 skyscrapers slated for Hudson Yards, the largest private real estate development in U.S. history. This sprawling redevelopment of a former railyard is reshaping a section of Manhattan’s West Side, while employing an estimated 23,000 construction workers over the course of a decade.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!
We go, go, go all year and it can be difficult to turn off the constant hustle – from everyone at the IBEW we hope that you are able to slow down, relax, and enjoy the warmth of the holidays with your friends and family.

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Hondurans went to the polls November 26 to elect a president, national congress, and local authorities. The elections tested the strength of the neoliberal regime in power since June 2009, when a coup d’etat ousted President Manuel Zelaya, whose government had raised the minimum wage substantially and undermined the interests of the traditional oligarchy. Labor groups were an important part of the resistance to the coup, and they have suffered retaliation accordingly, teachers in particular.

Call her our $250,000 baby.
In July my uneventful pregnancy took a turn—I developed a serious condition called preeclampsia and had to deliver a month early. Paloma weighed less than five pounds at birth, and spent a week in neonatal intensive care.
She was one of the larger and healthier babies in the ward; I learned that a stint in baby intensive care isn’t unusual these days. I’m grateful to live in a time and place where babies and mothers can survive what Paloma and I did. A century ago we might not have been so lucky.

Ontario Workers and Students Notch Biggest $15 Win Yet

December 05, 2017 / Jonathan Rosenblum<?
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?>Mainstream politicians often claim that we have to elect progressives to office first, before workers can win big legislation. Ontario workers and students just proved otherwise.
In Canada’s most populous province, a centrist Liberal Party government on November 22 adopted a $15 minimum wage, new card-check union recognition rights, paid sick leave, scheduling rights, and equal pay for temporary and part-time workers, and doubled the ministry of labor’s enforcement staff.

Labor lawyer Robert M. Schwartz, author of The Legal Rights of Union Stewards, has generously turned over his five immensely popular handbooks to Labor Notes. We asked Schwartz about his experience writing and publishing the books.
Labor Notes: What led you to write labor law handbooks for union representatives and rank-and-file workers?

Some days the men I work with amaze me. It was just about time for coffee when the Matt Lauer story broke. [NBC fired the "Today" co-host November 29 over allegations of sexual harassment. -Ed.] So one of the guys says, “Why now? Why are all these women coming out now? Why didn’t they come forward before?”
It became a moment in which we were able to have that heartfelt, tough conversation. I said, “I can tell you from a woman’s perspective and a girl’s perspective.”

Southwest of Philadelphia, on the banks of the Delaware River, sits the city of Marcus Hook. The Marcus Hook Industrial Complex once powered the nation – fueling fighter jets during WWII and providing a lifeline to its 5 thousand residents.
Energy Transfer Partners is now repurposing the Marcus Hook Industrial Complex as a site for the distribution, storing, and processing of the natural gas liquids from the regions Marcellus Shale.
When safety is a top priority, the decision to use the IBEW on a project of this magnitude is an easy one. At the peak of the project, around 750 IBEW electricians were on the job – and although this one is finishing up soon the Mariner-2 Pipeline project is still in full swing.
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Marcus Hook Industrial Complex
Southwest of Philadelphia, on the banks of the Delaware River, sits the city of Marcus Hook.
This small, square-mile sized town, is today a shell of its former self. Its refinery, the Marcus Hook Industrial Complex, once powered the nation. It fueled fighter jets during WWII and provided a lifeline to its more than 5 thousand residents, was...

The best way to increase union membership on the eve of the Janus decision? Build a fighting campaign in your workplace. If there’s no fight, there’s nothing to join.
The 100 library support staff in Camden County, New Jersey, members of Communications Workers Local 1014, provide a good example. We won a contract that will raise minimum pay from $8.92 per hour to $15 per hour by 2019. And the unit went from 65 percent union membership to 93 percent.

Health Care Splits Rail Crafts

November 28, 2017 / Dan DiMaggio<?
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?>After nearly three years of bargaining with the nation’s top freight carriers, railroad unions are at odds over a contract settlement that will set the pattern for 135,000 rail workers.