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How We Marched on Our Boss

June 07, 2018 / Auriana Fabricatore<?
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March on Your Boss!

Ryan Olds, a labor and community organizer in the East Bay, California, co-taught the March on the Boss workshop at the 2018 Labor Notes Conference, where Auriana Fabricatore got the idea. Ryan developed this worksheet to help you plan a march on the boss in your workplace.

In this job tip, Andy, a local IBEW member from Detroit shows us how to quickly connect a flex connector into a cut box. This tip will help alleviate some problems if you struggle to get a locknut connected to the underside of a junction box.
Tools You Will Need:

Cut-in box
Klein pliers
Klein screwdriver
Flex connector
Cut resistant gloves

Step 1: Hook your metal connector
Step 2: Slide metal cut-in box over the wire and fit it with the connector
Step 3: After fitting metal box, slide the locknut over the wire. Work it down to line up with the connector.
Step 4: Take Klein screwdriver and pliers and use it to secure the locknut.
For more helpful tips like this, visit IBEWHourPower.com.
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Labor's New Terrain: Working On the Supply Chain Gang

June 05, 2018 / Kim Moody<?
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?>A factory fire recently illustrated just how vulnerable are the supply chains at the heart of the global economy. The fire was at a single supplier—yet it forced Ford to temporarily halt production of the nation’s bestselling truck, the F-150.
Think how much leverage workers could have if we acted like the fire.
This is exactly how large-scale organizing happened in the auto industry. In late 1936, members of the newly organized Auto Workers (UAW) struck several General Motors plants to win union recognition. A month later, GM still hadn’t budged.

Arizona teachers struck statewide April 26 to May 3 over low pay and underfunding due to years of tax cuts.
Governor Doug Ducey had promised 20 percent raises heading into the strike, but teachers were skeptical that money would materialize. Their demands also included raises for other school employees and a return of funding to 2008 levels.

Colorado Teachers Reach Their Boiling Point

May 31, 2018 / Dan DiMaggio<?
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?>Pueblo teachers and paraprofessionals struck from May 7 to 11, the first school strike in Colorado in 24 years.
The teachers had been working without a new contract since the school year began. Their school district was refusing to grant them a 2 percent cost-of-living increase and to increase contributions to their health insurance, even after an independent factfinder recommended those modest improvements.

Will this spring’s wave of teacher strikes lead to stronger unions? Not if their unions return to business as usual.
The motor force behind the strikes in West Virginia, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Arizona, Colorado, and North Carolina is teachers’ deep frustration. Educators are feeling the pinch from decades of funding cuts that their unions have been unable to stop.

Congratulations to DJ Siegman from IBEW Local 617, San Mateo, CA for being named the IBEW 2017 Instructor of the Year!
DJ is a phenomenal, hilarious, and awesome instructor with a really big heart. She’s an instructor people trust, who truly has a passion for teaching, and who can make learning fun.
DJ teaches the first year apprentices who have little to no experience. They are often individuals who thought they would never be a good student or be successful. But, she is able to show them they can be both successful, and a good student in the electrical industry. As the good instructor that she is…she says there is no better feeling than seeing her students apply what they have learned right in front of her eyes.
People close to DJ know she loves swimming, food, and cocktails. Her ability to make a great cocktail is a metaphor for her teaching – she practices in the classroom how to serve her educational materials, just like serving a drink.
As instructor, DJ makes her students feel cared for, which is a reason why she won this award. She would do anything for them; even give them the shirt off her back. Not only does she do a great job of getting young...

North Carolina Teachers Shut Schools and Flood the Capital for a Day

May 25, 2018 / Michelle Gunderson<?
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?>Thirty thousand educators and supporters descended on Raleigh, North Carolina, on May 16 for a protest that was unprecedented in its size and breadth.
Every year around this time, the union sponsors a lobby day. In the past teachers would take a personal day, come to the capitol, and make an appointment with their legislators. The North Carolina Association of Educators would give members a packet with talking points on pre-determined priorities.

Embattled Hoffa Offers Two-Tier, UPSers Push for a Better Deal

May 24, 2018 / Alexandra Bradbury<?
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?>In negotiations over the nation’s largest union contract, a three-way battle is raging. UPS is demanding new givebacks, top Teamsters are offering them up, and rank and filers are organizing a grassroots network to push for better—and getting ready to vote down a bad deal, if necessary.
In February, Chief Negotiator Denis Taylor threw one opposition leader off the UPS bargaining committee; in May he kicked off three more. Their apparent crime was breaking the information “brownout” that keeps Teamsters in the dark about their own contract negotiations.

Richard Saldana served in the Marine Corps and the Marine Corps became his identity. After his discharge he felt lost. For a few years he tried to figure what he was supposed to do and who he was supposed to be, but he didn’t feel the same without his brotherhood.
After finding the IBEW, he discovered another brotherhood, which allows him to create something for someone else. As it turns out, the IBEW isn’t so different from the Marine Corps – if you’ve got a problem, the IBEW will take care of you. That’s what the brotherhood is about.
The IBEW helped Richard get his life back together. He knew he had another set of brothers and sisters that would always have his back.
IBEW Local 428, as well as many other locals understand that veterans are the “ideal employees”. They come across a problem that doesn’t have the answer right in front of them and they are able to analyze, overcome, and fix it.
Richard believes the IBEW has provided him with everything he’ll ever need. He said, “It’s just like anything: you get what you put in. You put in a little bit; you get a little bit out. You put in your heart; you get someone’s heart back.”