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UPS Teamsters Take On Two-Tier

July 30, 2018 / Alexandra Bradbury<?
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?>There are no flashy special effects in Tyler Binder’s 12-minute video, “Why the UPS 2018 contract sucks!”
No stirring soundtrack, no animation, no laugh track. It’s just him and his whiteboard, explaining in plain language how the tentative agreement would affect every group of workers.
But the video went viral. Just two weeks after he uploaded it, it had 90,000 views on Facebook and 50,000 on YouTube.

Chris Brooks has written an important critique of the direct reimbursement proposal that I and others have sugges

Trump Launches War on Federal Unions

July 26, 2018 / Jim Campana<?
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?>Federal employees are at war with a presidential administration that’s bent on busting their unions. They rallied around the country July 25, their day in court as federal unions sue to halt three anti-union executive orders.
President Donald Trump’s push is the most antagonistic he’s ever seen under any president, said David Cann, director of bargaining for the Government Employees (AFGE). With 700,000 members scattered across 70 federal agencies, AFGE is the largest union of federal workers.

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s Janus decision, a new approach to financing unions called “direct reimbursement” is gaining traction with Democratic politicians, academics, and even the New York Times editorial board.
It boils down to this: rather than public sector workers paying dues, their government employer would pay an equivalent amount directly to the union.

China has more strikes per year than any other country, many thousands. These strikes are often unplanned, spontaneous, even chaotic, and the bosses stop at nothing to suppress them: they lie, cheat, call in the police, and hire gangsters to intimidate strikers or even beat them up.
But the strikes keep happening—especially when it becomes clear, usually by the removal of machinery, that the owner is relocating the factory. These frequent relocations have one main cause: employers are moving to regions of China where the wages are lower.

This job tip comes from IBEW brother Joe Scott. He shows us how to put a spider on the end of fish tape.
Tools You Will Need:

Fish tape
Greenlee string
Linemans pliers
Electrical tape

Step 1: Use your greenlee string to create some loops.
Step 2: Once you have your loop and your excess to make your knot, then you cut it.
Step 3: Take the loop out and loop it around the fish tape. Make about three or four loops, and you want to try and get them as even as possible. Then, tie them together in a simple square knot.
Step 4: Tape up the knot with electrical tape, and cut off the excess with your pliers.
Step 5: Push the tape off to the side and tighten and tape it, making sure to leave a service end on the end of the tape.
The post Job Tip: Spider Wire Pull appeared first on IBEW Hour Power.

Editor's note: This viewpoint is part of an ongoing debate about how unions should deal with free riders. Check out previous installments here.


Introduction: How Should Unions Deal With Free Riders?

In honor of Independence Day, we’re sharing the second episode of our Band of Brotherhood series.
John Rusnak from IBEW Local 673 chose to enlist in the Army because of the pride he has for his country. When he first met his brothers and sisters from Local 673, he impressed them right away.
Dan Mentor, Business Manager, IBEW Local 673, said, “He was so dedicated and loyal, and showed a lot of respect. After that it was, ‘Now he’s a part of us.’”
When John was deployed, his wife said just knowing Local 673 was around and available when she needed them was a huge source of comfort. His mind was at ease when he was away, knowing his brothers and sisters would be there to help his family.
John is someone you can always rely on, a great guy, and a good mentor to new apprentices. If you need a hand, he’s the first one to offer.
John said, “I try to be the best version of me I can be everyday. I try to give it a 110 percent and be the best husband and father. I take pride in my work. I know I’m not perfect, but I refuse to fail.”
Thank you to John and the countless other veterans who served our country! We appreciate you and your family’s sacrifices...

Labor Notes is thrilled to announce two fantastic new hires! Bianca Cunningham and Barbara Madeloni will be joining our staff this summer.
Bianca Cunningham will be our newest Staff Organizer. Bianca got her start in the labor movement as a Verizon retail worker—she was a leader in the 2014 drive that won a union at seven stores, breaking into wireless retail for the first time in company history. Those workers went on to win their first union contract when they joined landline workers in the electrifying 2016 Verizon strike.

Be Democratic

July 02, 2018 / Labor Notes<?
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?>Organizing in its best sense—helping people work together to achieve what they want—is at the root of union democracy.

Rebuilding Power in Open-Shop America
A Labor Notes Guidelabornotes.org/openshop