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NAFTA 2.0: What's the Deal?

September 28, 2018 / Dan DiMaggio<?
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?>What does a renegotiated NAFTA mean for workers in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico? At best, it might stem some of the bleeding.
The presidents of the U.S. and Mexico announced on August 27 that they had reached a deal. A month later, Canada is still out of the agreement, though negotiations are likely to continue over the next few months. Text of the draft deal between the U.S. and Mexico may be published as soon as today.

Effort to Form Union in China Meets Ferocious Repression

September 25, 2018 / Elaine Hui<?
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?>A group of workers in China’s manufacturing hub of Shenzhen tried something very rare this summer—they attempted to follow the legal process to set up a union.
University students lent tremendous support. But their employer and the Chinese government cracked down on both the workers and the students with firings, detention, surveillance, and the threat of jail sentences.

Are Los Angeles Teachers Next?

September 25, 2018 / Samantha Winslow<?
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?>Who’s next to join the strike wave? The nation’s second-largest teachers local, in Los Angeles, kicked off the school year with a strike authorization vote.
With 81 percent of teachers voting, 98 percent backed a strike if mediation fails this fall.
After working hard to get out the vote across L.A.’s 900 schools and 35,000 members, this landslide result was “the best feeling ever,” said teacher and union rep Karla Griego.
For 18 months, bargaining has gone nowhere.

It's Down to the Wire in Tense Talks at Health Care Giant Kaiser

September 21, 2018 / Alexandra Bradbury<?
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?>Bargaining between health care giant Kaiser Permanente and a new union alliance representing 38,000 of its employees has come down to the wire.
“Kaiser is playing hardball,” said Oregon Federation of Nurses and Health Practitioners President Adrienne Enghouse, a 21-year nurse.
The unions that split from the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions this year to form the Alliance of Health Care Unions have emphasized their commitment to continuing a friendly partnership with the employer.

As our energy needs have evolved, nuclear power is once again in focus. Just outside Waynesboro, GA, the professional electricians of IBEW 1579 are inside the gates and on the job at Plant Vogtle.
When this project is completed it will supply energy to nearly half a million homes and businesses. It’s being watched by the world and is the largest construction project going on in the country. It has massive potential in both the power it generates and the message it can send to the rest of the world about the skilled, talented IBEW members.
George Koucheravy, Deputy Project Director, Southern Nuclear, said, “The future of the commercial nuclear power industry is dependent on what we do over these next three years. If we succeed, there is a future in the commercial nuclear power industry. If we fail, this is a dead industry.”
Dale Morgan, Site Manager, Richmond County Constructors, said, “We tell our younger talent when we get these two built, if we build with good quality, a really good safety record, and with pride, then there’s more to come.”
With over 7,000 people working on the job site everyday, it’s busy to say the least. It’s up to the ability of...

Washington Walkouts Win Teachers Big Raises

September 20, 2018 / Barbara Madeloni<?
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?>Fourteen districts started the school year on strike in Washington state—the latest to ride the West Virginia wave.
“For my whole life I thought this was just the way it was, that I would have to struggle to have a sustainable life,” said Anna Cockrum, a teacher in Evergreen, out on her first picket line. “I teach students to stand up for themselves, and it is so cool to be living that.”

A group of West Virginia teachers, including rank-and-file leaders of the nine-day strike earlier this year, have launched a cross-union caucus.
WV United aims “to keep people fired up and keep working together,” said Jay O’Neal, who teaches eighth grade in Charleston.

Job Tip – Rope Trick
This job tip comes from IBEW brother, Chuck. He demonstrates a knot trick to tie a string efficiently to prevent it from blowing off the head of a wire. Check out this rope trick!
Step 1: Make your loop.
Step 2: Put your fingers through the loop and fold it over.
Step 3: Pull the wires through the loop.
For more helpful tips, visit http://ibewhourpower.com/category/job-tips/.
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Why have New York City public defenders been walking out of the courts in the middle of the day to hold spirited demonstrations in support of their clients?
The outcry began last November when Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents were reported to lurk in the vicinity of the courts, targeting people as they entered or exited court proceedings.
Legal Aid client Genaro Rojas Hernandez was meeting with his lawyer in Brooklyn when ICE agents grabbed him.

This year, at the National Training Institute Trade Show the IBEW International President Lonnie Stephenson and NECA President David Long appeared together to speak about their unified message to increase the apprenticeship program and grow membership.
This was the first time they spoke together, and they did so because they like hearing feedback, whether it came from the IBEW or NECA. They aren’t afraid to talk about what they believe or where they want to go.
David Long, NECA President said, “We want to show people we communicate and we both have the best interest at heart. I want to grow our contractors, Lonnie Stephenson wants to grow our membership, and so we have to have profitability.”
Lonnie Stephenson, IBEW International President, said, “We were able to talk to our industry leaders and instructors about what our goals are and what we need to do to work together as an industry.”
Audience members felt for the first time, when listening to speakers at the town hall meeting, it didn’t matter if they individual was from the IBEW or NECA because the message remained consistent.
One topic discussed wasn’t so much about curriculum, but about the...