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They stood on a picket line at the entrance to the school parking lot: seven educators out on strike for the first time.
Public sector strikes are illegal in Massachusetts. But the night before, after two years of fruitless negotiations, the 300 members of the Dedham Education Association had voted overwhelming to walk out.
Now educators lined the main street from the high school to the middle school, celebrating each passing car that honked support.
“I’m nervous,” said one. “I am a new teacher, two years in the district.”

Can Workers Still Use the National Labor Relations Board under Trump?

January 09, 2020 / Gabrielle (Gay) Semel<?
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?>For those following labor law issues, each week seems to bring a new horror story about the Trump Labor Board dismantling rights under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA).

In this addition of job tips, IBEW member Jason shows us an alternative way to cut conduit
Step 1: take your tape measure and mark off your conduit with a pencil
Step 2: Place your conduit in a solid corner of your room
Step 3: Take your conduit, lay it in an open face set of pliers as close to the cut as possible to create a tristand.
Step 4: Take your hacksaw, begin your cut. While you are making a cut put a downward and back pressure to make it more stable.
This tip is great for when you are on a job site that does not have any power tools or you are not able to set up conduit along a ladder or there is no solid surface to cut the conduit off of.
For more helpful tips, visit our Job Tips section. 
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How We Organized The Oakland Teachers Strike

January 07, 2020 / Keith D. Brown, Ismael Armendariz, Chaz Garcia<?
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?>We organized a seven-day strike last February and March that united 3,000 Oakland public school educators with parents and community against a billionaire-backed school board.
By striking, we forced our boss to double the compensation offer, take all concessions off the table, and admit that privatization was hurting our kids.
Here’s how we organized a shutdown seven months into our first year in office.

Amazon Warehouse Workers Deliver Christmas Walkout

January 03, 2020 / Joe DeManuelle-Hall<?
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?>Workers at Amazon’s DSM1 warehouse in Sacramento celebrated Christmas in their own fashion—by walking out. It was the latest move in their campaign for paid time off.
Night-shift workers delivered a petition with 4,015 signatures to management during their 2:30 a.m. break on December 23. After reading out loud their demands for a meeting with management and paid time off, 36 of the 100 night-shift workers clocked out at 2:45 a.m. and walked off the job mid-shift.

The IBEW Business Development Department is hard at work everyday, with local leaders and customers to keep the jobs coming. Across the country, new work is exploding at a rapid rate. In this edition, we’re highlighting the work done in district three, five, and eight, as well as outside linework. 
In the third district, the American Dream Shopping Mall is finally a reality. It will have every store, restaurant, and shop imaginanable, as well as an ice rink, theme park, and aquarium, and ski hill. A huge solar project was also created in the third district at Six Flags Great Adventure park in New Jersey. The IBEW provided the labor to install 40 acres of panels to make the park the world’s first solar powered amusement park. 
In the fifth district, business manager Paul Zulli helped Ordes Electric get on the bid list for PBF Energy’s Chalmette Refinery job. Ordes did the rest and landed the work. Another project the IBEW completed was restarting a hydrocracker unit that had been idle for nine years. The project involved well over 62,000 man hours and marked the first time the IBEW had been in this refinery in years. 
In the eighth district, the IBEW snatched a...

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and happy new year, brothers and sisters. This year, we’re sending well wishes to more and more because our numbers keep growing. There’s no better feeling than knowing there’s a whole lot of people enjoying the holidays because of their membership. There’s more satisfaction more opportunity, and best of all, less stress. It’s always nice to take a deep breath, enjoy the little things, and be with loved ones.
Besides being the best organization in labor, the IBEW is known as the union of hearts and minds. Those who volunteer their time, decorate their communities, and help those less fortunate give the best gift of all. When you put a smile on someone else, it’s hard not to smile yourself.
From everyone at the international office, have a merry Christmas, and a happy holiday season.
To watch the 2018 Holiday President Message, click here.
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Labor's 2019 Year in Review: The Strike Is Back

December 20, 2019 / Joe DeManuelle-Hall, Dan DiMaggio<?
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?>2018 could have been a tough act to follow. It’s not every year that a grassroots movement of teachers captures the nation’s attention.
But workers across the country rose to the occasion, making 2019 one of the most exciting years for the labor movement in recent memory.
In terms of the number of workers who went on strike, 2019 is on pace to match 2018.

Labor Notes has been at it for 40 years. But 2019 will go down as one of our busiest and most productive yet.
In addition to putting out our monthly magazine, we crisscrossed the country joining picket lines, organizing Troublemakers Schools, and meeting with workers to help them chart a path forward in their unions and workplaces.

In this edition of job tips, IBEW member Marshall shows how to locate wall studs without a stud finder. 
The only tools you need for this tip are two pieces of steel wool. 
Step 1: To locate studs, simply hold your steel wool close to your sheetrock and rub them together. This creates some small filings. 
Step 2: When sheetrock rockers first put sheetrock into a wall, the screw-heads become magnetized. Rubbing the steel wool against this allows the small filings to collect. 
Step 3: After finding the studs, simply brush off the filings and no marks will be left on the wall. 
For more helpful tips, visit our Job Tips section. 
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