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Is peer review a step forward for teachers, or a distraction to sell them on an unjust evaluation system that determines their pay? Union leaders call a new contract in Newark "groundbreaking," but some teachers are wary.

Wellness programs are designed to bring down employers’ health insurance costs by preventing illness. Some provide gym memberships or smoking cessation programs. Others require workers to pay more for their insurance if they don’t get certain screenings. The most coercive programs require workers to meet health targets or pay a penalty.
“If employers are really concerned, why don’t they start with something they can control and provide a safe and healthy workplace?” asks Nancy Lessin, a health and safety specialist with the Steelworkers.

A group of auto workers and supporters will demonstrate at the International Auto Show in Detroit next Sunday and Monday, to call attention to the “maquiladora model” they say the auto companies are applying in their U.S. plants.
They decry “an agenda that allows permanent 'temporaries,' outsources in-plant jobs to companies paying as low as $9 an hour, and increases the pace of work.” Management, they say, no longer wants long-term employees but “prefers the maquiladora model, where one rarely lasts more than ten years.”

How do you build a solidarity-oriented union? Our Graduate Employees Organization has found that looking beyond the campus and using our voice, funds, and organizing skills to help community causes has made us one of the strongest locals in east-central Illinois.

IBEW Unity Fund to Help Sandy Victims

p>When airport workers in Oakland, California, rallied yesterday to threaten a strike, they were joined by non-union workers from food outlets like Subway and Auntie Anne's. Their action came on the heels of a solidarity picket where workers from one union helped another in a 24-hour strike.

Michigan unionists are rallying and lobbying in Lansing, the state capital, today to prevent right-to-work legislation. A bill passed the House yesterday. Here a member of one Michigan union explains how a state that was considered a union bastion came to this point.

Four endangered Bay Area post offices will stay open after all, and the subcontracting of California postal trucker jobs is on hold. Those victories were the latest in a string of local wins for grassroots activists across the country.

Working Families: enlsquo;Right-to-Work is Wrong for Michiganenrsquo;

Social Security Updates