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By Harry Stamper

We just come to work here, we don't come to die.
The anthem of the occupational health and safety movement.

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By Peter Knowlton

After the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act, much of labor issued a glowing reaction. But some unions said unhealthy provisions are hiding in the bill—and the court's decision.

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by Eduardo Soriano-Castillo

A racially mixed workforce in an Alabama poultry plant defeated management’s attempts to exploit their diversity, turning aside the divide-and-conquer tactics and voting in the union.

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Mid-Atlantic Blackouts Expose Pepcoenrsquo;s Deregulation Follies

Unions win Jobs, Infrastructure, Pension Plan Improvements in Surface Transportation Bill

Statement by IBEW President Edwin D. Hill on the Supreme Courtenrsquo;s Affordable Care Act Ruling

Tories Scrap Fair Wages Law

Indiana Journeyman Builds Thriving Residential Services Shop

Hawaii Geothermal Workers Join IBEW

International Secretary Emeritus Ralph A. Leigon Dies