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When we're not reading Labor Notes, many activists rely on fiction for inspiration, new perspectives, and, of course, entertainment. For some of us, novels even helped start us down our paths of activism.
But—which novels? A survey of a handful of labor activists and educators revealed their favorite class-conscious
Since fiction is built on conflict, it makes sense that some powerful novels center on strikes.

Cablevision fired 23 workers in Brooklyn today after they tried to use management’s “open door” policy to talk to a vice president about how the company is stonewalling their first-contract bargaining.

Food service workers at American University ratified a groundbreaking contract Monday, with “sustainability language”: training and more hours so they can cook from scratch with fresh, local ingredients.

Have a Union-Made Super Bowl Party!

The day a new union is certified, the clock starts ticking—and the crafty boss starts stalling. But it is possible to beat the employer at this game.

Now that we’re well past the euphoria of election night, it’s time to consider what the vote really meant, and how unions can move forward.
First, it’s clear that we in labor can’t dedicate ourselves to “holding the president accountable” because Obama is not, in fact, accountable to us. He raised $1 billion for his re-election, and most of it was not from us.

Texas Member Taken Hostage, Killed in Algeria

Pa. Workers Mobilize Against Right-to-Work

Kansas Workers Fight to Preserve First Amendment Rights

Last week I was on Fox News to talk about the conflict between New York City and its school bus drivers and aides.