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by Ken Paff

More than 100 Teamster drivers in Louisville, Kentucky, lost their jobs when employers colluded with a United Auto Workers local to oust them and sign a sweetheart deal.

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By Robert M. Schwartz

Positioning a walkout as an unfair labor practice strike is one of the key tasks for any union on the verge of a labor battle, because ULP strikers cannot be permanently replaced. Here's how the union can lay the groundwork it needs.

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By Theresa Moran

After Katrina, New Orleans fired all 7,500 of its teachers. The firings were recently ruled illegal, but teachers won't get their jobs back. Instead, the union is fighting for teachers and students through a grassroots, social justice approach.

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Workers Stand for America Live Coverage - August 11, 2012

Patrick Administration sets the record straight on Project Labor Agreements

by John Walsh

Last week four disabled former General Motors workers in Bogotá, Colombia, sewed their lips closed to begin a hunger strike that they say they will continue until GM responds to their demand for other jobs, or until they die.

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Statement by FMCS Director George H. Cohen On Verizon-CWA-IBEW Labor Talks

by Jane Slaughter

Many of us hesitate to read books, or watch movies, where we’re familiar with the subject matter, because it’s so painful when the author gets it wrong. Attorneys wince watching the many lawyerly TV shows, because it just doesn't happen that way.
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By Solidarity Notes Labour Choir

A song sung in many languages for many struggles the world over.

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By Jane Slaughter

UAW President Bob King says organizing foreign-owned auto plants is make-or-break for the shrinking union. A Mississippi Nissan plant where temps are a quarter of the workforce is the UAW's first Southern foray in 11 years.

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