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by John Walsh

The three-week-old hunger strike of injured GM workers in Colombia was ended August 22 when workers and company signed an agreement in Bogotá on a framework for mediation to resolve their conflict.

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By Leonard Gentle

Thirty-four South African platinum miners were killed by police last Thursday, we are told, because of an an inter-union spat. The reality is that the massacre reveals far more troubling fault lines.

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By Ed Mattos

Philippine Airlines workers have waged a year-long struggle against outsourcing that would wipe out their union, staging a sit-down strike, picketing, and setting up camp near Manila’s airport.

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Washington Electricians Team Up with Group Serving the Hungry

By Theresa Moran

Detroit students are back to school on Monday, but their teachers are still waiting to hear if they have jobs. Those who make it back to the classroom will face dramatically larger class sizes.

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Court Throws Out EPA Regulation That Would Hamper Utilities, Threaten Jobs

Justice Department Approves Verizon/Big Cable Spectrum Deal

by Steve Early

In the wake of last year’s long overdue U.S. troop withdrawal, media coverage of Iraq has dwindled to near zero—except when there’s another suicide bombing (which usually merits just a paragraph in world news round-ups).

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By Eileen Boris and Jennifer Klein

Why do Democrats fear to recognize the labor of care? Once again party leaders are wavering at a crucial moment, and could fail to grant home care workers rights to overtime pay and the minimum wage.

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Recovery Agreement Wins Birmingham Stadium Project