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By Bruce Ridge

While orchestras are nonprofit organizations, management’s behavior looks a lot like the for-profit world. Executive compensation is rising and managements are resorting to lockouts to try to force big pay cuts.

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Jerry Tucker, a hero in the troublemaking wing of the labor movement, passed away on October 19. Labor Notes asked three close coworkers why he will be so widely missed and what are the lessons for those who will continue his legacy.

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by Mike Parker and Margaret Jordan

“HEIST”: Who Stole the American Dream?
Feature documentary by Frances Causey and Donald Goldmacher, 2012
76 min. Order DVD from heist-themovie.com

“It’s the Economy, Stupid” has been the mantra for election strategy since Bill Clinton. It’s the economy that sets the context of our lives. Directly it determines our standard of living. Indirectly it determines how safe we feel: crime goes up when people can’t get decent jobs.
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by Mark Brenner

We learned with sadness that Jerry Tucker died this morning. We will be posting a fuller remembrance in the coming days, but wanted to share the following video from the 2012 Labor Notes conference. Jerry received a Troublemaker's Award for his lifetime of rabble-rousing, and below is what we wrote in the program book to honor his many achievements, together with his video acceptance.
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Calif. IBEW Members Mobilize Against Prop. 32

Michigan IBEW Activists Mobilize for Pro-Worker Candidates, Initiatives

By Jenny Brown

Latino workers in the Phoenix area are fighting back against the bullying sheriff of Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio. They’ve registered over 34,000 new voters for the November election.

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By Karl Kramer

Low-wage workers in California who had been organizing for expanded rights were stunned when Governor Jerry Brown vetoed pro-worker bills, citing the burden the protections would place on employers.

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by Jim Stanford

Early this month Labor Notes published a piece critical of the Canadian Auto Workers’ new contracts with the Detroit 3 auto makers. Here's the CAW’s account of the bargaining and contracts.

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