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by Joshua Zelesnick

Confronted with a 5-1 majority of adjunct faculty demanding union representation, the administration at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh is claiming the school’s faith should make it exempt from unionization.

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By Lefteris Kretsos

Greek workers carried out a 24-hour general strike today as 50,000 people demonstrated in Athens against austerity. The crisis is creating new forms of worker and community organization and action.

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by Dan La Botz

The Mexican Congress looks set to pass a piece of fast-track labor law “reform” this week that could be devastating for millions of workers’ legal rights and incomes.

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By Jane Slaughter

In a time when few union members dare strike, three dozen Southern California workers who move goods for Walmart were desperate enough to walk off their jobs even without union protection.

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Obama Charges China over Auto Parts Outsourcing

By Mischa Gaus

South African miners won a dramatic pay increase in September, following a wave of strikes that spread to many gold and platinum mines.
But their struggle exposed fractures in South African society that won’t heal soon.

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By Jenny Brown

Leaders of the Communications Workers and Electrical Workers (IBEW) announced a tentative agreement with Verizon, but some workers say it’s far from what they deserve.

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Staffing Issues Dominate Conn. Utility Negotiations

IBEW Reaches Tentative Agreement with Verizon

By Theresa Moran

The Chicago Teachers Union has done the seemingly impossible. At a time when teachers are attacked on all sides, they led a strike that challenged every tenet of the corporate agenda for overhauling education.

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