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Mo. IBEW Activists Mobilize Against Anti-Worker Candidate Akin

By Mark Brenner

A lackluster debate performance is not the worst disappointment of union members' last four years. Better choices won't happen without a thorough shake-up of labor's approach to electoral politics.

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By Robert M. Schwartz

Union representatives can use their right to information not just to win grievances but to nudge the boss toward contract compliance.

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By Jenny Brown

What’s a growth industry in the U.S.? Making decent jobs into bad ones. Daniel Straus, CEO of HealthBridge and CareOne nursing home chains, is a textbook case, imposing a contract that sent 600 outraged workers out on strike.

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By Hali Hammer

This song has been recorded in 76 languages.

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By Micah Uetricht

Six hundred supporters of striking Walmart warehouse workers in Elwood, Illinois, ratcheted up the pressure Monday with a huge march and civil disobedience that shut down the most important node in the company’s distribution network.

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By Herman Rosenfeld

Though the Canadian Auto Workers say they "resisted concessions" to the Detroit 3, new hires will now have a 10-year “grow-in” to regular pay, starting at 60 percent. For all intents and purposes, two-tier is likely to be permanent.

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IBEWenrsquo;s Ground Game Opening up Ohio Politics

enlsquo;Our Work Ethic Tells Our Storyenrsquo;

By Jane Slaughter

Californians will vote November 6 whether to approve the largest tax hike on the wealthy in that state since 1978.
Unions say Proposition 30 is necessary to forestall further deep cuts to education and other public services. The state is already 47th in the nation in expenditures per pupil, and without Prop 30 conditions in the schools will get worse.

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