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by Jim Stanford

Early this month Labor Notes published a piece critical of the Canadian Auto Workers’ new contracts with the Detroit 3 auto makers. Here's the CAW’s account of the bargaining and contracts.

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by Frank Hammer

Voters have been treated to a lot of false contrasts between the campaigns of Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama. As it turns out, Romney’s prescriptions for saving the auto industry and what took place under Obama were remarkably similar.

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By Jenny Brown

Republicans in Congress are gnashing their teeth, but TSA workers are voting on their first contract, which would establish important labor rights for the 45,000 workers who screen passengers and baggage at airports.

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by Charles Borchert

The newest guide from veteran labor lawyer Robert M. Schwartz teaches stewards how to be better defenders of their members. Its examples and tips are advice you will use every day.

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Members Wage Powerful Campaigns for Public Office

By Alexandra Bradbury

Strikers have returned to work with full back pay at Walmart’s giant warehouse in Elwood, Illinois. They had struck for three weeks over their employer's illegal retaliation for on-the-job organizing.

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North Dakota IBEW Takes on Karl Rove and Big Money Special Interests

Mo. IBEW Activists Mobilize Against Anti-Worker Candidate Akin

By Mark Brenner

A lackluster debate performance is not the worst disappointment of union members' last four years. Better choices won't happen without a thorough shake-up of labor's approach to electoral politics.

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By Robert M. Schwartz

Union representatives can use their right to information not just to win grievances but to nudge the boss toward contract compliance.

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