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By Solidarity Notes Labour Choir

A song sung in many languages for many struggles the world over.

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By Jane Slaughter

UAW President Bob King says organizing foreign-owned auto plants is make-or-break for the shrinking union. A Mississippi Nissan plant where temps are a quarter of the workforce is the UAW's first Southern foray in 11 years.

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Public Airwaves for Public Good, Not Private Profits, say Verizon/Cable Deal Critics

Niagara Falls Business Manager Arrested Protesting Out-of-State Contractors

Gain an Edge with NACTEL

By Mischa Gaus

Just before Olympic athletes began climbing London podiums to receive their medals, Canadian smelter workers settled a dispute with the multinational that provides the gold, silver, and bronze.

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by Sarah Lazare

Students or workers? As grad employees wait for the NLRB to consider allowing them to unionize, some aren’t waiting for the legal right to bargain to start acting like a union. On several campuses, they’ve spent years organizing.

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By Jenny Brown

Union negotiators think Verizon is on the verge of imposing a "completely horrendous" final offer on 45,000 CWA and IBEW members. It may mean the workers will walk out again, after a year.

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Verizon and IBEW, CWA Begin Mediation

New Poll: Democrats and Republicans Agree on Restoring Manufacturing