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by Mischa Gaus

Baldemar Velasquez, president of the Farm Labor Organizing Committee and member of the Labor Notes Policy Committee, spoke to “Democracy Now!” yesterday about organizing in the fields and in the neighborhoods.

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IBEW Built That: RNC (and DNC) Brought to You by Union Labor

Tampa RNC Event Draws Bill of Rights Supporters

By Rick Kahlenberg & Moshe Marvit

The prospects for labor law reform may seem laughably remote this Labor Day. All the more reason to rethink strategy now, before the next chance. After 60 years of law tilted toward employers, it’s time to make labor organizing a civil right.

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Pittsburgh-area Local Strikes Historic Electrical Equipment Plant

By Ry Cooder

Satan comes for a Koch brother.

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by Mark Brenner

Workers at the New York City delicatessen Hot and Crusty got a jump start on labor day this year, storming one of the chain’s Manhattan locations this afternoon—and refusing to leave.

The mostly immigrant workforce was joined by dozens of activists from Occupy Wall Street and the recently formed Laundry Workers Center, occupying the Upper East Side store for over an hour before police ejected the demonstrators.

Five protesters were arrested for refusing to leave the store.
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By Immanuel Ness

An Indian auto plant wracked by violence reopened, but barred almost all 2,500 full-time and casual workers. The union and community allies are protesting, calling on Suzuki to reinstate fired workers and release jailed union activists.

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By Jane Slaughter

A coalition of Massachusetts worker centers, unions, and pro-worker organizations has won a new law that will force temporary staffing agencies to disclose to workers basic information about their jobs.

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by Michelle Crentsil

Union organizers have heard all the myths about unions. “They’re bankrupting us and destroying the economy.” “Unions are corrupt and mobbed up.” Bill Fletcher busts 21 such myths and explores where we have to go succinctly and superbly.

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